Epoxy Coating

If you are thinking of applying an epoxy coating in your residential or commercial space, always consider having professionals come and take care of the epoxy flooring process for you. At DPA, we employ highly trained professional painters to apply high-performance epoxy floor systems. An epoxy floor system can improve the image of your business, stimulate worker productivity and help ensure a safe work environment while adding to your property. 

For the best epoxy floor installers and applicators in the business, call DPA. We have helped complete thousands of successful projects and look forward to making you the next one.

Concrete Sealer Application

The purpose of concrete sealer is to preserve the decorative treatment by protecting the floor surface from abrasions and stains. The most common interior concrete sealers include the film-forming ones you apply to the surface of the concrete. There are several types of sealers, though, to consider. Polyurethanes have a high-build protective film on the concrete surface and are best on high-traffic flooring, providing good resistance to staining and scuffs.

Acrylics form a thin protective coating on the surface of the concrete and are available in water-based and solvent formulations. If you require concrete sealing services, contact DPA!

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